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Vancouver is the economic center of the Salish Shidhe Council and is considered a model of a modern Amerindian city, as it strives to integrate the urban landscape carefully into nature. Vancouver is controlled by the Salish, Burrard, Squamish and Musqueam bands. It is the largest seaport in the Council.


The city lies 204 kilometers north of the Seattle Metroplex, on an inlet of the Pacific, which is called the Salish Sea (formerly the Straight of Georgia). The Fraser River empties into the sea near Vancouver.


The former Canadian city belonged to the territory that the Salish Council was awarded in 2018 by the Treaty of Denver. Life in the City of Vancouver went on and was spared from most disasters up until the earthquake of 3 December 2059 that destroyed the suburb of Richmond. Triggered by the earthquake, a fire storm burned for days, resulting in several thousand deaths. Since the Cascade Crow did not have the money for the reconstruction, Richmond has been left to those who will live there, a Barrens at risk of slipping into the sea.

Economy & Corporate Presence

In Vancouver, there are few Megacorps, but many small companies, which are especially active in the fields of biotechnology and organic goods. The only AA Megacorp is Universal Omnitech, who have their headquarters in the city. Also headquartered in Vancouver is Aztechnology subsidiary Maritech Enterprises. Other A-Level Megacorps based in Vancouver are: Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated, and VisionCrafters, who specializes in optical applications, and received a sizeable donation from Dunkelzahn’s will. Gaeatronics operates one of its extensive research facilities in Vancouver, and as does a corporate subsidiary of Omni Electronics. In addition, near the city, Proteus AG has erected one of its arcologies, where they did some of their dubious research – or at least until the restructuring in 2063 …

Local Features

The Great Philippine Dragon Masaru calls a residential complex on Vancouver Island home, and Dunkelzahn was building and underwater complex off of West Vancouver before his death, which was not completed until 2057 and bequeathed Akira Kageyama.
As a modern city of the Native American Nations, efforts are taken to integrate nature in Vancouver, with countless trees and plants, and bike paths through the entire city with a large number of well-kept parks.
An exception is the Richmond district, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 2059, and is an eyesore in the 2070s. It a home for squatters, and is rumoured to be filled with ghouls and haunted by ghosts. The toughest among the smugglers use this Barrens zone like a hiding place for their nefarious activities.
In addition, part of the ruins of Richmond has flooded since the quake, and forms a toxic marsh. The unfortunate residents are terrorized by the violence and corrupt magic of Gator gangs, or are dominated by the selfish slumlord Arty Skunk, who claims to be granting them “protection”.

Underworld and the Shadows

The main player in the Vancouver underworld is the Red Lotus Triad. As with many NAN Nations, the Mob has little influence, though the Vory are beginning to take notice. There is also a chapter of the “Ancients”, which, like the other chapter along the North American west coast, reports to the Colonel Green Lucifer. There are many small street level gangs, though none has risen to prominence. The city remains one of the stopping points along the smuggling route “Seattle Run”. In addition, Vancouver has small but thriving Shadow Community.

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